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Our products are not involved in any marketing distribution
chain (MLM)..

Regularly supervise the growing and processing of mushrooms in Asia, right in the farms of our partners and select the best raw materials with a high content of polysaccharides (min. 35%)

With our certified partners in Asia and suppliers of high-quality instant coffee from Brazil we made direct in the Czech Republic, with fulfillment of the most stringent food standards, products containing ganoderma (Reishi). We offer the best price and guaranteed quality, made in the Czech Republic.

We do not import finished products, we supervise the production and mixing of raw materials in Czech Republic.


Technology and Production

Raw materials go through multiple inspection and testing for health safety in Asia in internationally accredited laboratory NACC (China National Analytical Center, Guangzhou).

Our raw material is tested in Czech Republic after import for all attributes of health safety by The Czech Agriculture and Food Inspection Authority (for example: mold, on demonstrable polysaccharide content in our products, at least 35% and the absence of heavy metals and other unhealthy substances. About all attestations are created reports. We guarantee the content of substances and health safety of our products

Production is in compliance with all standards of hygiene, HACCP and production management is under ISO 22000.

Final analysis and analysis of our products in different batches provide for us modern analytical laboratory ALS Czech Republic, which is a member of an international group of ALS Limited.

Our products are not genetically modified and are certified NON GMO.


As a Czech company we have fulfilled the conditions for granting a certificate Genuine Czech.

Information and allegations about the medicinal effects of mushrooms.
Botanical description



We are a purely Czech company.

We offer the best price and guaranteed quality
made in the Czech Republic.




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